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Sutherland Drink Driving Lawyers

Our Sutherland Drink Driving and DUI Lawyers work from within our Sutherland Traffic Law Division, based at Prime Lawyers, Sutherland office. Our Sutherland office is located in the same street as and only a two minute walk from Sutherland Local Court.

Our Sutherland lawyers appear before Sutherland Local Court on a weekly basis and have been doing so for more than a decade, having represented thousands of satisfied clients.

The majority of serious traffic offences that are dealt with at Sutherland Local Court are drink driving offences, with the most common being driving whilst present the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) offences and driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) offences. For that reason, our traffic lawyers have accumulated many years of experience representing clients for drink driving matters before Sutherland Local Court, obtaining exceptional results, time and time again.

We appreciate that every drink driving matter is a significant event in our clients' lives and the repercussions for many can be severe. The penalties for drink driving offences can include a loss of a driver's licence and the possibility of a term of imprisonment; matters that are not to be taken lightly and anyone charged with a drink driving offence should not take chances when placing their livelihood in the hands of another.

Our lawyers are experienced traffic lawyers with a proven record, with special expertise in serious traffic offences and more complex criminal matters. This experience in dealing with high end and more complex traffic and criminal matters means that any client represented by our drink driving lawyers will have the benefit of being represented by someone who has a deeper knowledge of the complexities of the law and has criminal lawyer advocacy skills that go well beyond that of the average drink driving lawyer.

Each drink driving matter is different and each Magistrate's approach to specific matters varies. Our specific experience in this area of law and with Sutherland Local Court Magistrates means that when you engage one of our drink driving lawyers to represent you, you are maximising your chances of obtaining a favourable result. Our drink driving lawyers also have the rare ability to successfully defend drink driving charges in circumstances where most other lawyers would not have the legal know-how or tenacity to defend the charge. (Read an example of one of our Sutherland Drink Driving Lawyers successfully defending a drink driving charge.)

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence and live or work within the Sutherland Shire and/or have a drink driving matter listed before Sutherland Local Court, contact the team at Prime Lawyers - Traffic Law Division, Sutherland. 

We will be able to advise you on your chances of defending the charge and, if a defence is not available, we can provide you with honest and accurate advice as to the likely penalty you will receive and of course, assist you in preparing your case and presenting a plea in mitigation of sentence before the Court to ensure that you maximise your chances of obtaining the best result.

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