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Our Drink Driving Lawyers working from our Parramatta office are experts in all types of drink driving matters and appear regularly before Parramatta Local Court (and Parramatta District Court on appeal) and all other Western Sydney Courts.

Our drink driving lawyers understand the impact that drink driving penalties can have and for that reason, we ensure that we are always assessing each and every individual case with a view to obtaining the best result.

Many generalist lawyers appear in drink driving matters all around NSW and unfortunately, this feeds into public perception that this area of law is simple and that the expertise and calibre of the lawyer assessing and presenting a drink driving case does not matter. This could not be further from the truth. Traffic Law is a complicated area of the law and too often we see lawyers appear in Court who do not understand the intricacies of traffic law legislation; the principles to be applied to traffic offences (especially drink driving offences); the defences available to different types of drink driving offences; the available penalties for different types of matters in different circumstances; and importantly, the Court's approach to drink driving and the range of sentences that are normally applied in each type of scenario.

A large amount of serious traffic offences that are before the Local Court in NSW are drink driving offences. Therefore, when a lawyer develops an expertise in this area of law, you can be assured that they have appeared in hundreds of matters over time. This focussed experience is what counts and can often be the difference between a conviction or non-conviction; a successful defence or utter failure; and a non-custodial sentence or full time custody.

Our Traffic Lawyers are also skilled advocates who not only represent clients at sentencing hearings, but have the ability and experience to defend drink driving charges (unlike most other lawyers who appear in drink driving matters). To do so, one needs to have a detailed understanding of traffic law and the rules of evidence, and have the technical ability to run difficult hearings. Our lawyers have the rare ability to defend drink driving charges, as evidenced by one of our many examples in our case study on a successful drink driving defence.

If you are facing a drink driving charge and are required to appear in Parramatta or other Western Sydney Court, contact us at our Prime Lawyers Parramatta office for help.

We are located at 11 George Street Parramatta, across the road from the Sydney West Trial Courts. Contact us by calling (02) 9635 8100 or making an online enquiry

We look forward to helping you.

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