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Speeding offences make up the majority of traffic infringements in NSW and as is well known, raise a large amount of state revenue. On an almost daily basis, most drivers will pass RMS fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras or police radars of some description. When it comes to speeding fines NSW drivers are always at risk, particularly with so many changes in speed limit zones or being caught out driving through road work zones with less than obvious signage, even when no road works have taken place in days or weeks.

All speeding infringements incur demerit points and an accumulation of demerit points beyond the demerit point threshold attracts licence suspensions. (Read further about appealing a NSW licence suspension). 

It is important to obtain legal advice if you receive an infringement notice for speeding, especially if there is a chance that the accumulation of demerit points will result in a suspension. Often, drivers take action in relation to a speeding fine before seeking our advice, only to find that they have placed themselves at a disadvantage by not first seeking legal advice and not implementing the correct strategy to begin with.

The majority of drivers cannot afford to be without a licence, so understanding the available penalties for the most common speeding offences and the available options infringement can be important to allow a driver to determine how to proceed.

Our Speeding Fine Lawyers have a proper understanding of the subtle complexities of the law relating to speeding offences, the demerit points scheme, suspensions, the effect of suspensions, the available disqualification periods if the matter goes to Court and importantly, how to assist you in optimising your chances of keeping your licence or, at the very least, reducing the time you would otherwise spend off the road. 

In addition to the usual, common speeding infringements, there are also the more serious speeding offences, such as exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h and driving at a speed dangerous to the public.

Where someone is pulled over by police for speeding and the police allege that a driver of another car was also involved, the police will often charge the driver (or both drivers) with a "street racing" offence. Although excessive speed is not a necessary element of the offence of "street racing", police will typically on speed as a factor when charging someone with the offence. This usually means that the person receives a fine for speeding as a "back up" to the street racing offence.

Our lawyers are not only experienced at successfully representing people on appeals against licence suspensions as a result of speeding offences; we also have the ability and know how to defend speeding and street racing charges. See an example of a successful defence against a street racing charge by one of our lawyers.

Suspension periods for some speeding offences range from 3 months to 6 months. The disqualification periods for driving at a speed dangerous and street racing are lengthy and the offences also carry terms of imprisonment as the maximum penalties. It is therefore advisable to speak to an experienced lawyer if facing a serious form of speeding offence.

For less speeding offences (particularly where the driver is not going to receive a suspension upon the payment of a fine) due to the legal fees involved and the fact that most of the time, there is the added expense of obtaining expert evidence to challenge a radar or speed camera, some drivers decide that the legal expenses incurred in defending the allegation and the risks associated with such outweigh the person's desire to challenge the offence. In those circumstances, some find that it is better to accept the penalty and then consider other avenues of relief.

For the more serious charges, it is almost always guaranteed that upon being found "guilty" for the offence, a lengthy disqualification period will follow. The importance of obtaining good legal representation when facing a serious charge cannot be overstated.

If you have been charged with NSW speeding fines or street racing and require legal assistance, we invite you to contact your nearest Prime Lawyers office.

We have offices in Sydney, Parramatta, Chatswood, Sutherland or Wollongong.    

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