Traffic Law

Removing Licence Disqualifications

Finally, in October 2017, the NSW goverment changed the road transport legislaton to allow for licence disqualifications to be removed after a certain period of time.

Up until October 2017, any Court ordered disqualifications remained in place until those disqualification periods were served; no matter how long those periods were, how long the driver had already been off the road and irrespective of any dramatic change in the person's circumstances.

If you are currently serving a lengthy disqualificaitron period (and still have quite a bit to go) AND you have not committed a driving offence for some time, then contact us to speak to one of our traffic lawyers, and we can advise you whether or not you would be eligible to make an applicaiton and further, we can advise you on your prospects of success.

Your licence is important to you.  Don't delay obtaining expert legal advice and the opportunity to get back on the road sooner rather than later.

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