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The purchase or sale of a property is the largest single legal transaction most Australians will ever undertake, and with sky-rocketing real estate prices this is no surprise. At Prime Lawyers we provide a comprehensive Conveyancing and Property Law service assisting in all aspects in the process of purchasing or selling real estate. Once you engage Prime Lawyers to assist with your purchase or sale you will be receiving the best quality legal advice to ensure everything proceeds as it should. Your transaction will be in safe hands.

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Conveyancing - Buying a Property

Purchasing property is an exciting time of your life. Whether you are buying a property for investment purposes or to live in, we can help.

Our lawyers have acted for hundreds of satisfied purchasers throughout New South Wales and this experience is passed on to each of our clients starting with a detailed written advice on the contract for sale issued by the seller. Our detailed advice covers everything you need to know and we take the time to cover off inclusions, GST and land tax, completion, possession, risk and the options to minimise risk (including advice on title insurance, surveys, council certificates and government enquiries), representations, stamp duty, title and noted dealings (easements, covenants and restrictions on use).  

Every client is allocated a lawyer at the commencement of the file who will be with you throughout the entire process. Along the way you can call or email your lawyer as much as you like and it won’t affect the price we charge. Our fixed fee will be the best investment you make on your new purchase so get in touch with one of our property lawyers by contacting your nearest office. If you would like to obtain a no obligation quote visit our conveyancing website here to get a quote now. 

Conveyancing – Selling a Property

The Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 provides that a real estate agent must not list a residential property for sale unless the Contract for Sale prepared in accordance with the Conveyancing Act 1919 has been prepared and with the agent. For a vendor this means they need to engage a lawyer who will act quickly to prepare the Contract for Sale, and with the required expertise to ensure the Contract complies with the provisions of the Conveyancing Act.

Prime Lawyers guarantees to commence preparation on the Contract for Sale the same day as we are instructed. In most circumstances the Contract for Sale will be provided to the real estate agent the next business day, and if not, as soon as the Local Council has provided the zoning certificate required by section 52A of the Conveyancing Act to be included in the contract. We will ensure that the contract is not only prepared quickly, but correctly, to ensure your compliance with the legislation and ensure your position as vendor of the land is protected.   

Before we commence work we will provide you with a simple fixed fee for acting on your behalf on the sale. The fixed fee includes all work, all certificates and all searches we order on your behalf and is payable at the end of the transaction when you receive the sale proceeds. Call as many times as you like along the way- the fee remains the same.

If you are listing your property for sale then get in touch with one of our property lawyers by contacting your nearest Prime Lawyers office. If you would like to obtain a no obligation quote visit our conveyancing website here to get a quote now.    

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Fantastic, we decided to bid at an auction 1 week prior to auction day, Prime reviewed the contract ASAP and provided us with so much information to consider, it was amazing! We felt so prepared come auction day.

Lori - Conveyancing Client

Our job is to ensure buyers and sellers are fully informed about their legal obligations and risks of purchasing or selling a property, and ensuring we do everything we can to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.  

Cassandra Graves - Property Lawyer

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