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Family Lawyers Parramatta

Our Family Lawyers Parramatta provide a range of family law legal services to those living and working in and around Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney.  

We provide services in all areas of family law, with specific expertise in divorce, child custody, de facto and same sex relationships and property settlement matters.

Our team is headed by Family Law Solicitor Ray Byrne, who is known for his strong work ethic, passion for the law and an unmatched commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for all his clients. Mr Byrne is a great negotiator and always strives to obtain the best starting position for his clients by ensuring that he leaves no stone unturned in obtaining and analysing all necessary material and information for each particular case. His attention to detail and commitment to obtaining results places his clients in good stead in the event that negotiations do not achieve settlement and instead, rigorous Court proceedings become necessary.

It is with this same level of commitment that the rest of the family law team at Prime Lawyers ensure that our clients' best interests are always served. 

Pay at the end Family Law 

Prime Lawyers also understand that not all family law clients have immediate access to money to be able to pay for family law legal fees. To ensure clients in these situations have access to the best possible family law advice, Prime Lawyers has developed the "Blue Ribbon" payment option for approved Family Law clients. The "Blue Ribbon" payment option to approved clients is not equivalent to a "no-win no-fee family law payment" option, as this is not allowed by the regulations, but instead a deferred payment option, where Prime Lawyers' family law legal fees are paid at the end.

To read more about "Blue Ribbon", or to apply to join many current and former family law clients we have assisted under "Blue Ribbon" visit our Blue Ribbon Payment Option page.     

We are conveniently located in the heart of the Parramatta legal precinct at 11 George Street, Parramatta and less than a minute's walk from the Parramatta Family Court

We are open 8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public holidays) but as all conferences with a member of our Family Lawyers Parramatta team are by appointment only, please get in touch with our Parramatta office by calling us on (02) 9635 8100, dropping by and visiting Marianne at the front desk or by submitting an enquiry online.    

Blue Ribbon Payment Option

Please enter your full name and name of your ex-partner when prompted. We will use this information to search our data base to see if your ex-partner is a former or current client of Prime Lawyers. If we are prevented from considering your application due to a conflict of interest then we will notify you of such in writing or telephone. If there is a conflict of interest and we cannot act for you the contents of your application will remain confidential to Prime Lawyers management and will not be disclosed to nor accessible by any member of staff including lawyers.

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