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We know family law. Our Family Lawyers Sydney and NSW have represented hundreds of family law clients over the years and act for mums, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, married couples, same-sex couples and de facto couples. Our experienced family law solicitors can represent you in all aspects of family law, having particular expertise in divorce, child custody and property division. 

Our offices are conveniently located, with three of our offices within walking distance of the local Family Law Courts. Our Sydney CBD office is walking distance from the Sydney Family Court; our Parramatta office is two doors down from the Parramatta Family Court; and our Wollongong office is just a short walk from the Wollongong Family Court. In addition, our Sutherland office services clients living or working in the Sutherland Shire. 

We are committed to helping you settle your matter as quickly as possible, and if that's not achievable, then we will represent you expertly throughout the Court process so that you obtain the best possible outcome. If you are looking to engage the services of some of the best family lawyers Sydney has to offer, then look no further. When engaging one of our experts, you can rest assured you have the best on your side.

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Child Custody

After a separation or divorce it is important to have arrangements in place for the children of the relationship. Sometimes these arrangements are informal or verbal agreements with your ex-partner; however it is often advisable to have such arrangements reduced to writing and even further, filed with, sealed and formalised by the Court.

De Facto Relationships

Under Australian law, parties to a de facto relationship are afforded the same recognition as married couples when it comes to dealing with the breakdown of the relationship. Once it is established that the requirements of a de facto relationship have been met, the parties are able to rely on provisions in the Family Law Act in the same way that married couples do when a relationship has broken down.


Obtaining a divorce or ending a relationship can often be an emotional experience – especially when children are involved. Our divorce lawyers provide not only professional family law advice on your rights and obligations, but also guidance during this difficult period. We can prepare and file a divorce application for you quickly and cost effectively. We can also advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities in relation to child custody and the financial property settlement.

Family Violence & AVOs

The existence of family violence in a relationship, particularly where children are concerned, can play a significant factor in family law proceedings. It is not necessary for a party to have been charged with a violent offence or for police to have even been invovled for an allegation of family violence to be made and relied on in Family Court proceedings. However, where an AVO exists or an Applicaiton for an AVO is on foot, it is relevant to understand the impact that this and any other allegations of violence can have in property settlement and child custody matters. 

Property Settlement

After the breakdown of a relationship it is common then to resolve how the property of the relationship is to be divided – the family law property settlement. The family law solicitors at our firm have a wealth of experience in this complicated area of law.

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Without your support, guidance and never ending goodness my daughter would have surely been lost. For that and a whole lot more, I thank your company and its great people who have fine human qualities. Prime went way beyond, and it tells me you are not just running a business.

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