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Litigation is the result of one party exercising their legal rights in a Court of competent jurisdiction. Depending on the type of action the appropriate venue may be a Court, or a specialised tribunal. The monetary size of the claim will also determine the venue, with the Local Court hearing certain civil claims up to $100,000 and District Court $750,000. Finally, the remedy being sought will also have a bearing on the venue, with certain Court's such as the Supreme Court of New South Wales having the necessary power to dispense equitable and declaratory relief. 

Although almost all hearings at first instance are capable of being appeared to an appellate body, the presentation of a case at first instance must be thoroughly planned, meticulously executed and founded on solid law. A lawyer experienced in litigation will understand the Court rules, process and techniques to present your case in this manner to provide you with the best prospects of success. 

Prime Lawyers is experienced in conducting litigation at all levels of the New South Wales Courts up to the New South Wales Court of Appeal. We understand the risks and rewards which comes with litigation and take pride in achieving results for our clients. Our experience extends to cases founded in contract, tort (negligence), statute, equity (including injunctive relief) and common law duties, and any combination of these.

If you have suffered a legal wrong, or have received demand for payment, or claim against you then get in touch with one of our litigation lawyers by contacting your nearest Prime Lawyers office.            

We have debt recovery and litigation lawyers located at Sydney, Parramatta, Chatswood, Sutherland and Wollongong.  

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