Criminal Law

Robbery Offences

The most serious forms of stealing fall under the category of robbery offences. For some types of robbery offences, if a person is found or pleads “guilty” to robbery, the starting point at law on sentence is a term of full time imprisonment.

Most robbery offences essentially require that there is a stealing of property, from a person or the person's control, by violence or a threat of violence. There are several types of robbery and related offences. A related offence to robbery is "steal from person", which, unlike robbery, does not require the element that there be an act of violence or a threat of violence. Therefore, robbery and all related robbery offences are more serious than a normal stealing or larceny, as they involve taking of property to be from the person or, essentially, in the person's presence.

Because robbery charges can have serious consequences, it is important to seek legal advice when charged with an offence or preferably, as soon as you are aware that the police wish to speak to you. 

Our criminal lawyers have the necessary experience, knowledge, understanding and expertise in dealing with the complexities of representing people charged with serious criminal offences

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