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Our Criminal Law division employs experts in their field – highly regarded criminal lawyers with experience representing clients in all criminal jurisdictions of Sydney, New South Wales and beyond. 

We offer representation in the most serious matters and in all NSW jurisdictions. In addition to our Criminal Lawyers Sydney office, we have several office locations located near major Courts that allow us to service thousands of clients throughout NSW. We are currently located in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Sutherland and Wollongong, servicing the entire Sydney Metro, most of Greater Western Sydney and the Illawarra and South Coast. 

Our practice employs and is headed by Accredited Criminal Law Specialists and we represent clients in all categories of offences, from common minor offences to the most serious, including assault offences, AVOs, drug charges, sexual assault, serious fraud, larceny, robbery and kidnapping. If you have been charged with a criminal offence and require the assistance of some of the best criminal lawyers sydney has to offer, then contact us at one of our offices - we can help.

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Affray and Riot

Affray and Riot offences are based on the principle that people should not be subjected to acts that would cause them to fear for their safety, in public.

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)

An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an order made by the court that restricts certain behaviour of the defendant towards another. An Apprehended Violence Order typically serves to protect the person making the complaint from anticipated future harassment, intimidation, stalking or violence. 

Assault Offences

Assault Charges are some of the most common that are laid in NSW. Being charged with such an offence must be taken seriously as severe penalties can be imposed. 

Centrelink Fraud

Centrelink Fraud charges cover all offending behaviour by a person relating to the receipt of Centrelink benefits. In broad terms, Centrelink fraud is usually the result of:

Drug Offences

Drug charges constitute some of the most common criminal offences. The law relating to drug offences can be complex, particularly in relation to supplying a prohibited drug (drug supply). There is a wide range of available penalties, from fines for the less serious offences to lengthy terms of imprisonment. When charged with any drug offence, it is important to seek assistance from criminal lawyers with special expertise in this complex are of law.

Firearms & Weapons Offences

There are a number of firearms and dangerous weapons offences that range from minor to very serious. Some firearms are prohibited; however, the majority of firearms in circulation in the community are not prohibited but of course, require the possessor to be licensed and for the firearms to be registered.

Fraud Offences

The essential element of fraud charges and similar offences is dishonest and deceptive conduct. Typically, one deceives another to obtain or gain some sort of advantage; usually, a financial one.

Offences Against Police - Assault and Resist Arrest

Police are given broad and far reaching investigative powers and powers of arrest. Increasing police powers to help combat crime usually comes at the cost of encroaching on our civil liberties. The law tries to find a balance between the two competing interests; that is, increasing police powers to protect the community against preserving our rights and freedom of movement. Some argue that police powers go too far and others argue that more power should be given. Nevertheless, interfering with police powers of arrest or investigation can result in being charged with a criminal offence. Read more...

Robbery Offences

The most serious forms of stealing fall under the category of robbery offences. For some types of robbery offences, if a person is found or pleads “guilty” to robbery, the starting point at law on sentence is a term of full time imprisonment. Read more...

Sexual Offences

A wide range of offences are included under the heading of "sexual offences", including variations of sexual assault (rape), indecent assault and acts of indecency. 

Stealing, Larceny & Related Offences

The offence categories of larceny and other stealing offences cover a wide range of offending behaviour. Such offences deal primarily with the taking or attempted taking of someone else's property, without their consent. There are several offences that can be committed even where the person charged with the offence has not taken or been involved in the taking of the property, such as being in custody of goods that are suspected of being stolen.  

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Don - Serious Assault Charge

The job of a criminal defence lawyer is to analyse the charges, law and evidence, and give advice to the client as to whether the charges can be defended. If they can, we set about preparing for the trial including cross examination of Crown witnesses and submissions of law as to why the charges should be dismissed.

Jason Keane - Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law

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