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Whether you are currently involved in business, or you are looking to purchase a business, our Business Lawyers Sydney and NSW can help you make informed decisions. We act for both big and small business and are experienced in drafting and advising on contractual documents to ensure your business can be at its best. Our team is headed by our Sydney CBD office, however, we have additional offices in various NSW locations. We provide tailor-made advice, because no two businesses are alike, so if your business is entering into a contract, make Prime Lawyers part of your team.

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Building & Construction Law

Building and Construction Law is a specialised area of law with legislation specific to this industry.

The beginning of a development or project will see negotiations and formation of contractual documents to govern the conduct of the build and beyond. Those contractual documents can either be in the form of standard building construct for smaller residential builds or custom drafted agreements to reflect the size, complexity and individuality of the project. It is critical to have those agreements drafted with precision and with sufficient detail to cover the wide range of variables in building. 

During the build disputes often arise as to the progress of both the work and payments, and legislation such as the Building and Construction Industry Security and Payment Act 1999 will often dictate how claims are made, disputed and adjudicated. The timing of such claims means that builders and construction companies need urgent and specialised advice to ensure that claims are made and responded to according to the contract and legislation. 

The completion of a build often sees further disputes, again, both as to payment and to defects. 

Prime Lawyers has experience in advising and acting for both builders and owners in progress and building claims. Our knowledge and experience includes residential builds and large scale commercial litigation for an international construction and manufacturing company.

If you are a builder, developer or work for a construction company we invite you to contact your nearest Prime Lawyers office to get in touch with one of our Building and Construction Lawyers Sydney and NSW. 

Business & Commercial Leases

A lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant granting rights to a tenant to occupy premises owned by the landlord. Our commercial lawyers can assist you in all aspects of leasing including negotiating and entering into a lease, exercising an option to renew, assigning or transferring your lease, disputes relating to leases, or matters relating to a licence or a sublease. 

Buying or Selling a Business

When buying or selling an established business there are many matters that must be considered. We can assist you in every step of your purchase or sale, advising you on all the important matters to be considered along the way.


The use of the franchise business structure is becoming increasingly common. A franchise has the advantage of an established brand, with known products and/or services and procedures. The franchise as a whole may have increased buying power and the entire franchise has the benefit of shared advertising. Entering into a franchise structure can, however, be quite complex.

Other Business Agreements and Advice

Prime Lawyers have business and commercial lawyers experienced in all forms of commercial agreements and contracts. We have the skills to draft these documents, or to advise you on same and negotiate terms favourable to you, or suggest amendments to ensure the entire agreement of the parties, including when things don't go to plan, is correctly documented. A well thought out and drafted business agreement will minimise disputes and uncertainties as to each party's obligations under the agreement. 

Self Managed Superannuation Fund

A Superannuation fund is a way to save for your retirement. In Australia, it is compulsory for an employer to pay a percentage of a worker’s salary into a super fund. Members may make a voluntary contribution to increase the investment. The trustees of the fund will invest the money in accordance with an investment strategy. If you wish to take control of your superannuation investments you may wish to consider establishing a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (‘SMSF’). 

Starting a Business

One of the most important considerations when starting a business is the structure of the business. 

Trust Structures

A trust is an agreement by which one person holds property for the benefit of another person. The person who agrees to hold the property is usually referred to the Trustee and the person who has the beneficiary interest to the property is called the Beneficiary. The person that decides that such an arrangement is to take place is called the Appointor. This arrangement, along with various matters such as what specific powers the Trustee will have when dealing with the trust assets, and how this arrangement will come to an end, is documented in a legally binding document called the Trust Deed. 

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Prime Lawyers assisted me in the purchase of my first business. I found fantastic confidence in my solicitor who looked after the contract from start to settlement. I have no hesitation in using Prime Lawyers in the future and have recommended their services to my family and business associates.

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Every business has different needs and faces different challenges. Because of this no two commercial contracts are the same. When you engage us we will ensure we understand what your business does and negotiate or draft an agreement to suit your business so that it can perform at its very best. 

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