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Family Law Blue Ribbon Payment Option

What is Blue Ribbon?

At Prime Lawyers we believe that all family law clients should have access to the best possible legal representation. That’s why we have developed our Blue Ribbon payment option.

If you have separated from your de facto partner, husband or wife and need legal assistance to divide the assets of the relationship then our Blue Ribbon payment option enables you to obtain advice from one of our leading family lawyers with nothing to pay up front. Approved applicants under Blue Ribbon will be supported throughout the conduct of their matter and will receive funding of expenses such as Court filing and hearing fees, experts along with Court representation from leading family law barristers.

When do I pay?

Approved applicants under Blue Ribbon enter into our standard Family Law Costs Agreement with a notation that the client has been approved under Blue Ribbon. Payment of our invoices are usually required within 7 days of issue. Under Blue Ribbon the payment terms are extended until the conclusion of the Family Law matter, or termination of the agreement, as set out in the costs agreement. The practical effect of Blue Ribbon is that clients without funds or regular source of income are able to access our premium legal services. 

Do you do No-Win No-Fee Family Law?

No. Lawyers in New South Wales are prohibited from conducting No Win No Fee family law proceedings. The Blue Ribbon payment option to approved clients is not no-win no-fee, but a deferred payment option.

Do you charge me more if I am approved under Blue Ribbon?

No. We do not charge any interest, additional fees or premium loading for clients approved under Blue Ribbon. If approved you will be required to enter into the firm’s standard Family Law Costs Agreement with Blue Ribbon payment terms. The Costs Agreement outlines how we will charge for our work along with an estimate of total costs and expenses, but does not otherwise differ from the agreements with clients not under Blue Ribbon.

Do you accept all applicants?

Regrettably given the high demand for our services we are unable to accept all Blue Ribbon applications. We do consider and reply to each application received. 

How do I apply?

Simply complete the application form in the window below to commence the application for the Blue Ribbon payment option. Applicants under Blue Ribbon will receive notice within 7 days as to whether their application has been successful, or if further information is required at which time you may be required to attend an conference at your nearest office.


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Blue Ribbon Payment Option

Please enter your full name and name of your ex-partner when prompted. We will use this information to search our data base to see if your ex-partner is a former or current client of Prime Lawyers. If we are prevented from considering your application due to a conflict of interest then we will notify you of such in writing or telephone. If there is a conflict of interest and we cannot act for you the contents of your application will remain confidential to Prime Lawyers management and will not be disclosed to nor accessible by any member of staff including lawyers.

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